The ADVANCED and PROFESSIONAL Color Viewing Light models offer a controlled environment for practical visual colour assessment, irrespective of the material or intended purpose.

XX-LARGE Format Dimensions (W x H x D):
External 128 x 111 x 100 cm
Internal 114 x 80 x 83 cm

Standard lamp configuration:
D65 (Daylight), D50 (Daylight), TL84 (Store-light), Incandescent A (Home-light), UV
(Other illuminants can also be supplied if specified at time of order)

Trolley stand, base cabinet and 45° angled surface, as pictured, are not included, please see below for details.

ADVANCED – XX-Large Format

In the ADVANCED version a sequential order of illuminants can be saved for a recurring matching process. It can also provide mixed light when several light sources are triggered at the same time.

–  User-friendly Electronic Control Panel Digital hour meter for all illuminants
– Mixed light function
–1 light sequence recall

The PROFESSIONAL version offers many additional features. Illuminants can be dimmed and detailed reports on the matching process can be compiled. This means that all viewing booth parameters such as operating hours, selected illuminant and dimming level can be recorded in a log report, ensuring a possible repeat of the matching process at a later time. The viewing booth can also be operated remotely via a web-based remote control application and LAN connection by smartphones and Tablet-PCs.

  • Dimmable light of all illuminants (except A)
  • LAN connection
  • Web-based remote control application for smartphones and Tablet-PCs
  • Reporting function
  • Storable brightness value
  • 5 illuminants: D65, D50, TL84, A, UV
  • User-friendly Electronic Control Panel
  • Digital hour meter for all illuminants
  • Mixed light function
  • Storage for several light sequences

NOTE: The remote-app can be used to easily select the illuminant via a laptop or smartphone and specify the automatic matching processes. In addition, the viewing booth can be turned on remotely with the browser so that it is immediately available after the warm-up period.

STAND OPTIONS for XX-Large Format Color Viewing Lights

Trolley Stand option (JUST083) provides an ideal viewing height along with casters for the convenience of portability. Outer dimensions; 121cm wide x 100cm high x 90cm deep.
Base Cabinet option (JUST085) provides an ideal viewing height along with the benefit of a convenient combination of storage comprising; open shelf, drawer and double-door cabinet. Outer dimensions; 120cm wide x 96cm high x 91cm deep.

A 45° angled surface is available as a related product accessory.

Relamp Kit: JUST575 / 200699

7-10 day guideline (if parts are in stock)Select Advanced, Professional, Trolley Stand or Base Cabinet model from Options menu above.

Specification is for 230 volt UK/European power supply (110 volt available on request).