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The Garment Viewing Booth has different light sources on the top and on both sides to ensure
standardised illumination of the full viewing booth.

Garment Viewing Booth Dimensions (W x H x D):
External 128 x 196 x 100 cm
Internal 115 x 165 x 60 cm

– Dimmable light of all illuminants (except A)
– LAN connection
– Web-based remote control application for smartphones and Tablet-PCs
– Reporting function
– Storable brightness value
– 5 illuminants*: D65, D50, TL84, A, UV
– User-friendly Electronic Control Panel
– Digital hour meter for all illuminants
– Mixed light function
– Storage for several light sequences

*Standard configuration; on request other illuminants can be supplied

Relamp Kit: Item Ref JUST576 / 200738

14-21 day guidelineAlternative illuminant configurations are available on request.

Specification is for 230 volt UK/European power supply (110 volt available on request).